Reproducing a vararfeldur

By Marled Mader

Varar- or Röggvarfeldur

My project for this time staying ast the Textile Center, Blönduós, Iceland is making a vararfeldur.

The first to reproduce a real vararfeldur were Hildur (hope to meet you sometimes somewhere in real), who is part of this wonderful Northern-Women-Project, Elizabeth from Shetlands and Marta from Norway. They wrote about their experience here

Norwegian Textile Letter

Four years ago I tried already to reproduce a vararfeldur mainly based on the article in the Norwegian Textile letter but without any physical help, made a lot of mistakes but finished the project successfully.

Here you can see the result:

The next one now will be the same size as is mentioned in Grágás, about 1 x 2 m. I will report in the next days about the progress.

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