Luciana Campos

in blue dress

I graduated with a degree in Letters (French and Classical Greek Studies), with a M.A. in History. At the present time, I am working on  my PhD thesis in Literature Studies, at the Universidade Federal da Paraíba -UFPB, in Brazil, where I have been researching the Myth of the Woman Warrior in the Hervarar saga (The Saga of Hervör). In addition to my doctoral research, I am also investigating the  History of Food in the Viking Age from a theoretical perspective and reconstructing through Experimental Archeology. I am also interested in  the History of Clothing and Weaving in both the Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia.

I am currently a researcher at NEVE – Núcleo de Estudos Vikings e Escandinavos (Center of Vikings and Scandinavian Studies) where, in partnership with other collaborators, I work on academic publications and organize events to help disseminate  Scandinavian Studies in Brazil.

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