Stringing Together Purpose and People

  I remember playing Cats Cradle as a kid in New Jersey.  I never really thought about where the game came from.  Recently however, while talking with anthropological archeologist Michele Hayeur Smith, I learned a bit about Inuit culture and life in the Circumpolar Region that led me to do further research and to the…

The Warp-Weighted Loom- Book review

Audur Hildur Hákonardóttir A thank you note read at the book opening event in Bergen City library  December 16th 2016. “The key to understanding why words and images from spinning and weaving are still in use even after we have entered the forth dimension world and the digital age, when the majority of Western women…

Feldur by Hildurhak

The word feldur is Icelandic and means a skin from a living or a dead animal.

Warping a warp weighted loom

In December 2015 a good friend gave me her old warp weighted loom, these photos document the adventure of learning to set it up, warp it, and weave with it.